We are the Church where the Word is AMPLIFIED, Praise is EMPHASIZED, the devil is TERRORIZED and God is GLORIFIED.
  PowerHouse Temple of Deliverence Ministries
  First Lady Deborah Lawson

From the desk of First Lady Deborah Lawson.....

It is my good pleasure to welcome you to our website (our community) with open arms as well as an open heart. We are honored that you have chosen to visit our website to experience the kingdom message that God has entrusted us to speak into your life.

 As a fellow sojourner in this kingdom, you will be EMBRACED, EMPOWERED, and EMPLOYED in our father's vineyard.  In our father's vineyard you are encouraged to utilize your God given talents and abilities to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to ALL the people of this world.

 There are three necessities needed in order for you and I to accomplish the assignments and mandates our father has chosen for us. These three necessities are, PURPOSE, PLAN, and PROVISION.
 If you don't know your PURPOSE, then abuse will follow in your life. It is imperative that you know who and whose you are, so that you do not suffer self abuse or abuse at the hands of others. Our father desires to order your steps to your destiny, your expected end.

 Then, you must have a PLAN, an organized and strategic agenda, to fulfill your destiny. A PLAN or vision will keep you from perishing.

 Lastly, PROVISION is the means our father has provided for us to reach our destiny. We must practice stewardship and be accountable with ALL that he has given us. Our destinies are hanging in the balance.

 In THIS vineyard you will find a thriving spiritual community that loves to work, and is working with love. Come on by, let us love on you and your family.
Your kingdom partner,

Lady Lawson

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